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CWPH Consulting Group
he Center for Women's Psychological Health has developed the following special offering for corporate, government and nonprofit organizations.

The CWPH Consulting Group is composed of Harvard affiliated psychiatrists and psychologists with extensive expertise and experience in organizational development, interpersonal dynamics and negotiation, and the impact of gender issues in the workplace. Through focusing on the special issues pertaining to women, the Consulting Group has developed the ability to improve organizational practices related to equity, merit, family, hierarchical functionality and team effectiveness. The services of the CWPH Consulting Group are designed to benefit any firm, agency, or group concerned with work relationships. 

Many organizations are acutely aware that they can no longer afford to continuously replace skilled employees or managers. Companies and other organizations have identified the retention and advancement of women managers as essential.  In order to retain employees and improve job satisfaction, organizations can enlist the services of the CWPH Consulting Group to help them make real change and provide their employees with solutions that will increase productivity and personal fulfillment.  The Consulting Group's assistance can save an organization lost time and productivity by resolving personnel conflicts and preventing sexual harassment suits.  It can help an organization to communicate respect to its employees and enlist their loyalty and dedication in return.  Organizations that have instituted policies and practices that ensure and enhance employee equity, regardless of gender, become recognized as places of excellence and attract the most motivated employees and clients.

The CWPH Consulting Group will initially obtain a comprehensive assessment from key executives, managers and employees to identify problems and establish realistic goals.  The Consulting Group will recommend a variety of options that could include:

  • gender sensitivity training
  • communication and negotiation skills
  • conflict resolution
  • networking and mentoring programs
  • educational seminars
  • stress management
  • consultation on advancement of women
  • consultation on work/family issues
  • consultation on equitable treatment of individuals and sexual harassment

    CWPH Consulting Group Programs
  • Gender sensitive consultation:  The Consulting Group can help managers and other key staff to understand how gender issues are expressed in interpersonal and group dynamics and within hierarchical structures.  Many would like to think that avoiding discussion of gender at work minimizes its impact.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true.  Individuals may interpret success, competition, assertiveness and authority differently depending upon their gender and the norms established by the organization.  For an organization to avoid dysfunction, which could affect the quality and productivity of work, it must analyze its policies and practices.  The team's analytical and development support will demonstrate how providing men and women with an environment in which respect and fairness are embedded in the expectations of the system will positively affect not only their relational interactions, but the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. 

    Skill Training:  Many employees can benefit from the Consulting Group's training in problem solving, conflict resolution and negotiation skills.  These abilities are intrinsic to many of our most successful workers.  But many employees come to the work place with deficits in these areas, even while they have strengths in important areas that are required for their advancement.  Acquiring these skills may position employees not only to advance to new levels of potential, but will enhance their abilities to work in teams, to listen to their colleagues, and to model these newly acquired abilities to other workers.  The environment that offers their employees the opportunity to enlarge their communication skills is also gaining the benefit of an employee who is applying these skills within his/her personal life as well.  Synergistic benefits occur when work enhances one's personal life, as well as one's job skills.

    Peer Networks/Mentoring Programs:  Peer networking and mentoring programs established by the consulting group could serve organizations in important ways.  When connection with colleagues is supported by the system, employees are unlikely to experience the isolation that is prevalent in many organizations.  Communication and efficiency increase.  Workers have the option of trying out new skills within a supportive context.  Leadership skills are acknowledged and rewarded.  Mentoring programs underscore the value of experience and investment in the future.  All parties experience a sense of possibility as they recognize the impact they have on each other and the value of their creativity to the organization. 

    Educational Seminars and Stress Management:  The Consulting Group's educational seminars offer employees the chance to learn about valuable topics from experienced clinicians and teachers.  Productivity and longevity at work are dependent upon health and psychological wellbeing.  The seminars can focus on substance abuse, stress management, dual career marriages, women's psychological health, or other related topics.  Seminars can be tailored to specific needs and can be structured as single offerings or multiple sessions, depending upon the interest of employees.

    CWPH provides administrative and management services to network members. As an independent practitioner, your provider is solely responsible for all matters concerning your clinical care.

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