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Clinical Services

 he Center for Women's Psychological Health is a network of independent mental health providers who offer psychological services for women and their families. CWPH recognizes that women are best served if their unique psychological, biological and relationship issues are addressed.  Additionally, CWPH understands that today's women balance, choose and prioritize multiple roles and pursuits.  All of these factors are considered in each woman's evaluation at CWPH.  Our clinicians are senior psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health specialists who are experts in the field of women's psychological development, as well as in the assessment and treatment of psychiatric difficulties. Additionally, CWPH clinicians are on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and are affiliated with Boston area teaching hospitals.  Services provided include the following:  consultation, individual, couple and family psychotherapy, and psychopharmacology.  CWPH also offers specialty groups focused on particular psychological or social issues, such as stress management, coping with depression, anxiety or substance abuse, marital and dual career issues, parenting, balancing work and family, and professional development.

CWPH clinicians are located in the Belmont, Cambridge and Lexington area and may be contacted directly at the telephone numbers listed below. 

CWPH provides administrative and management services to network members. As an independent practitioner, your provider is solely responsible for all matters concerning your clinical care.

CWPH Clinicians

Frances Arnold, Ph.D.
Office Location: Harvard Square, Lexington Center
Tel: (617)576-1182  

Susan Pasternak, D.MH.
Office Location:
Tel: (617)855-2240

Stephanie Brody, Psy.D.
Office Location: Lexington Center
Tel: (781)861-9813

Trude Kleinschmidt, M.D.
Office Location: Belmont
Tel: (617)855-2227


The Center for Women's Psychological Health
9 Meriam Street, Suite #22
Lexington, MA 02420
(781)861-9813  Fax (781)861-3724     

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